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Something Els Sociaal in Business (Something Els Social in Business) comes in when organisations and institutions need advise and support with social enterprise, efficient cooperation, with creating simplicity in their organisation and in their search for new ideas for their business or branch. The owner Els advises, guides, trains and coaches them and takes as a starting point the power of entrepreneurship and a pro active mentality. Els shows and has people experience what it means to be social in business.

Social entrepreneurs are a relatively new phenomenon and an excellent example of individual/private problem solving. While being well informed and aware of what happens around them, social entrepreneurs realise that the old model where government takes care of citizens is no longer applicable. They recognize the importance of a strong, emancipated society and feel responsible to contribute. It is the world upside down: social entrepreneurs taking away social responsibilities from national and local government.

Something Els Sociaal in Business believes that entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial behaviour contribute to the development of man and society. This is being social in business.

APPROACH, in 4 phases to guarantee the quality of the service

Phase 1
To find out through listening and feeling what the problem is and what it really is all about.

Phase 2
To formulate the real need together with the client: what is the current situation and what is the desired situation.

Phase 3
To describe the steps to go from the current to the desired situation: what is the client prepared to let go of? What will they keep? What will they need? With whom? Where?

Phase 4
In this follow-up phase Something Els is at the sideline. The client only calls in when necessary.



The right group dynamics within a group can contribute to the success of the group. The game AanZet (your turn) serves as an instrument to come to the right insight in and to solve a variety of problems.

As an independent professional you do not always want to do everything on your own and you need a sparring-partner. In the role of advisor and coach RaadSaam (advisable) offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow.

Vergaderen met Resultaat
Professional coaching of your meetings with an effective outcome at short term. Vergaderen met Resultaat (meeting with an effective outcome) observes and advises in order for your meeting(s) to be more effective.

Guarantee of coherence and transparency in the governance and supervision of an organisation, in view of efficient and effective realisation of policy goals.

To guarantee coherence and transparency in governance and supervision companies appoint a board of directors or supervisory board. A supervisor/commissioner has three roles: the role of supervisor, advisor and employer. When I am in this position I ask critical questions, use common sense and accept people who they are. I also like to be a ‘liaison officer’ who creates the right liaison between personal and business development of individuals, between people and companies and between people.


As Netherlands Senior Expert for the Dutch organisation PUM coaching companies in developing countries to stimulate entrepreneurship, independence and sustainable development.


Entrepreneurial Education

The workshop Entrepreneurial Education informs companies about entrepreneurial learning and shows how their business can meet education. Entrepreneurial education gives an employer the opportunity to get in contact with future employees at an early stage.

Entrepreneurship is sharing. A good business environment is built on people who see opportunities and act.
‘sH Entrepreneurial Education stimulates entrepreneurial qualities with students and wants to encourage lifelike learning. The cooperation with trade and industry and the sharing of knowledge is an investment in the company and in future employees!

Creative thinking

Are you looking for an idea or a solution for something that is on your mind? There is nothing more refreshing than someone else’s point of view. Inspire each other! With Rubik’s cube you will get several answers to your question in this workshop. Maybe the answer is much closer than you thought!

Every new insight leads to a new outlook in every possible way. Without judgement or influence and when you can let your thoughts run free on paper, spontaneuous and creative ideas will flourish. Individuals brainstorm better than groups. To discover innovative characteristics of your company/organization or to get new ideas for your working group.

Be good and tell it

Does the message that a company/organization carries out come across the way it should? Does the company/organization reach the targetgroups they want to reach? How do they know? Does the company/organization invest in the right channels and the right sources?


In the skeleton of the propositionhouse you will work with the identity- and image-web and you will agree on the Unique Selling Point, your distinguishing capacity. With an answer to the above questions, an effective PR and Publicity plan can be made. Make sure your company is well organized and don’t be shy about it. Be good and tell it!

Learn how to debate

None of us has the answer but together we may find a better answer.
Debating, negotiating, the discussion or the dialogue. All to be used to clarify a problem or start a discussion about the consequences of a decision.
We are all familiar to these situations: the discussions during dinner, at birthday parties or during meetings. You might sometimes afterwards think: ‘I should have said this or that but I did not think about it then.’
Because a debate is nothing more than a discussion with rules, one debate meeting will be enough to receive enough tips for the above mentioned situations.