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By / augustus 13, 2015 /

Els Roest – de Bekker, PUM expert program facilitator has conservatively managed and professionally compiled with multiple organizational disciplines where we found her to be loyal, competent, reliable, community centered, ethically disciplined and worked with honor and great reputation from us and the community benefited at large.

We appreciate her maturity in the field, patience, caring, daring and sharing attitude beyond quality professional exercise and industrious mentality in the field she was invited into.

Els Roest – de Bekker has visited Nekemte town to design, organize, implement, train and monitor the PUM support to New Generation University College Hotel and Tourism program development measures since December 2012 up to July 05, 2013.  She was bold, straight forward; reasonable, cheerful and with humble personality. She deserves thank you.

Alemu Nega (Revd.) MSc, BDD,BDth, DSS, BSS
General Manager and Funder ANFCA, projects Advisor to NGUC




(.Pdf Letter of recommendation)

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